The Power of the Gospel amongst the Displaced

First Things magazine had a nice article yesterday detailing the impact of the Gospel amongst the refugee community in Europe. Within the article there are links to other reputable sources discussing the phenomena from both the perspectives of the refugees and the ministers who are seeing the conversions. I would encourage you to check it out. […]


Welcome to The Displaced Pilgrim! The title of the blog carries a few connotations. First, let’s define the two primary terms — “displaced” and “pilgrim.” Displaced (adj): 1. lacking a home, country, etc.; 2.moved or put out of the usual or proper place. Pilgrim (n): 1. a person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious […]

How Language Forms our (Un)Faith

So many of us, supposedly standing for law and order, are merely clinging on to old habits, sometimes to a mere parrot vocabulary, its formulae worn so smooth by constant use that they justify everything and question none. It is one of the most mysterious penalties of men that they should be forced to confide […]

Part Two — The Slavery of Death: Identity in Christ

For Part One that tells the story that guides the following reflection. Leading up to my time at Restoration, I believed in a very particular vision of Christianity – a vision that is not fundamentally incorrect, but is reductive of the gospel’s entire message. What it meant to be a Christian, for me, was to […]