About once a year, I decide to blog. I blog for a month or two until it completely drains me the life from me. Now is the time in which I start it up again. I found a neat feature that allowed me to import all my old posts from my old blogger sites. Those are the posts that you see below this entry.

Blogging allows me to wade through my thoughts and experiences while synthesizing it all so that I can try to make sense out of this life I have been given. I am sure the posts that follow will range from melancholy and hopeless to joyful and hopeful.

All-in-all, I hope that I come to a greater understanding of Truth (as well as anyone who ends up reading this) through the questions that are asked and examined. 

“‘Oh yes, of course. You are very beautiful, Aglaya Ivanovna, so beautiful that one is afraid to look at you.’
‘Is that all? What about her character?’ said Mrs. General.
‘It is difficult to judge when such beauty is concerned, I have not prepared my judgment. Beauty is a riddle.'” — The Prince

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