Father’s Day Reflection

I don’t vividly remember too many particular days at Oklahoma State. It was a rather short, albeit enjoyable, period of my life spanning only four or so months. But there is one day I distinctly remember — a definitive and important day that I remember for a reason completely separate from the obvious. My side […]

Simply Notice

“Simply noticing has nothing to do with predicting the future, undoing the past, analyzing, or intellectually understanding anything. Simply noticing involves only simply noticing. That is, paying attention — the same sort of attention you would pay to a good movie…You don’t work at enjoying the movie. You just cast your awareness on the screen […]


About once a year, I decide to blog. I blog for a month or two until it completely drains me the life from me. Now is the time in which I start it up again. I found a neat feature that allowed me to import all my old posts from my old blogger sites. Those […]