First Week in Clarkston, GA

Ah…the orientation week before camp starts. Lots of little details that no one wants to read about. So, here were some of the highlights/low-lights of the week:

  • Registering campers — The only way to effectively register kids for camp is to drive to their apartment complex or house and watch them fill out the forms. We spent a good 6 hours and only registered 15 or so campers. It was a great experience interacting with the refugee families in their homes and reconnecting with last years campers.
  • Un-registering campers — This year, the camp is only for Clarkston residents when in the past it included kids from surrounding towns. This changed in order to meet the Clarkston kids. So, I had to call a few families and inform them that their kids could not come to summer camp.
  • Academic preparation — Slowly, but surely, the Middle School academic portion of camp has taken shape. I feel like I might be a little bit over my head with what I am trying to accomplish, but the potential fruit far outweighs the risk.
  • I’m pretty sure the definition of orientation means the excelaration of ones desire to accomplish the task that lies ahead.

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